Loose wheel with black rim
  • Loose wheel with black rim
  • Loose wheel with black rim

Loose wheel with black rim (LKW46)
Siku 50 021627


Loose wheel, to be used as a replacement for an original wheel.
But also to pimp your car!

See below a model with the three different wheels we sell!
Note: if a model is equipped with narrow rims as standard, the wide rims may not always fit in the wheel arch.

Wide rims (Siku 20 082225)

Narrow rims (Siku 20 080377)

Narrow rims (Siku 50 021627)


When ordering the parts, pay attention to any additional details.
We try to provide as much information as possible.
If in doubt about a part, always contact us first, we are willing to answer the question.
Unfortunately, we cannot take back individual parts.

50 021627

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