MAN TGS 18.510 4x4 BL 2-axle-truck - black
  • MAN TGS 18.510 4x4 BL 2-axle-truck - black

MAN TGS 18.510 4x4 BL 2-axle-truck - black
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MAN farming truck

The traditional model makers are extending the applications of their agricultural vehicles from the field to the road. With the release of the MAN TGS 18.510 4x4 WIKING is launching their first model truck as a 1:32 scale miniature. The driver’s cab with its bright red paintwork makes the purchasing decision for the collector a no-brainer, as the tractor unit turns heads with its colour scheme alone. It is this very tractor unit, which has been miniaturised for its début in the design with permanent all-wheel drive, that builds a bridge to the agricultural theme in the 1:32 scale. And this is where the originals of these combination vehicles are used every day, shuttling increasingly between use on the field, on the road and in further processing. The originals impress with the desired high payload and move about the field with plenty of traction.

Product details

Imposing figure thanks to raised chassisWIKING is presenting the dual-axle solo tractor unit with the greatest level of detail and decoration. The model is a combination of plastic and die-cast zinc components. The mix of the two materials elevates the realistic impression of the 1:32 miniature to perfection. The tractor unit impresses with its numerous detailed, movable elements, which conform entirely to the internationally beloved and reputable scale and its possibilities. The doors can be opened – uncovering the view inside the cab and giving an example of WIKING’s typical and absolute dedication to detail. The model also has a radiator grille that can be swung up to expose the built-in power units. The front axle is steerable, while the tilting driver's cab provides a view of the precisely reproduced engine underneath. Moreover, the trailer coupling on the rear of the tractor unit enables hassle-free combination with the trailers already available in the WIKING agricultural range. This allows it to be combined with the model première to form attractive combination vehicles. The tyres of the début model conform to the all-wheel function and naturally have an all-terrain tread. The element that gives this model a particularly striking look is its raised chassis and its towering exhaust pipe. The fifth wheel plate comes with a lever that is pivoted towards the front and can be used to secure the semi-trailer. WIKING remains true to its model building ambitions in every phase: The model makers naturally do not skimp on the comprehensive range of additional equipment learned in the 1:32 scale. Comprehensive fittings as the side mirrors, the sun visor and windscreen wipers further underscore the premium look of this precision model. Another attachment WIKING has added is a tyre pressure control system.



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Metal with plastic parts, rubber tires
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