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I am entitled to a discount on shipping costs, but I still see shipping costs in my shopping cart?

That's right, the shopping cart indicates the shipping costs ... but .... also a discount that is the same as the shipping costs.
This is slightly lower in your account overview in your shopping cart.

Please note, this only works if you are logged in and if a discount applies to your country. Our webshop obviously does not know in which country you live if you are not logged in.

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How do I create an account?

New customer? Then you can order and simultaneously create your ToyCarDealer.com account. Handy, right?

At the top right of the screen is: Sign In
Click on that, and you can create an account right away.
Everything in your shopping cart is taken over immediately.

You can then choose to order without an account, but it is advisable to create an account.

Benefits include:
- Order history
- Order faster next time
- Own settings
- Own FREE photo album
- Can write a review per article

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I forgot my password

Forgetting is human ... Fortunately, you can always request a new password.

If you already have an account, and you have forgotten / lost the password. Then this is easy to solve:

Click at the top right on the "log in" link and on that page you will find "forgot password", click on it and enter your e-mail address, click and we will email you a link to set a new password. Please note, it must be the e-mail address with which you have registered.

If you can't figure it out, we will gladly help you. You can always contact us via the service desk.

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How do I change my data?

New name or address? You can easily change your personal details in your account.

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Where can I find my invoice?

We save your invoice online in your account. This way you can easily consult and print an invoice as often as you want.

Please note, this is only possible if you have created an account. If you place an order without logging in, it is no longer possible to consult it.

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Packaging of delivered item is damaged

We generally sell new items. These are supplied to us directly by the factory.
Small traces of damage may occur during transport or storage, even if it is new.
When packing, we make sure that this is prevented as much as possible, but it can never be excluded that damage will occur.

The somewhat older packaging is also often provided with an environmentally friendly bond. This becomes weaker over time.
Impact during transport can also release this.

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee on this, we can only give this on the models sold, packaging is not included.
The starting point here is that the sale concerns a product, the packaging is only a protection for this product.

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Privacy notice

Privacy notice

Sikumuseum and ToyCarDealer.com respects the data provided by her customers. This data is only stored and used in order to be able to process your order. Your email address is used for communication, your address data is used to be able to ship your order and payment data is used to handle payments.

Sikumuseum and ToyCarDealer will never share or sell personal data of her customers to other parties.

If you have questions regarding this privacy notice, please contact us.

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Is there a minimum or maximum quantity that I can order?

There is in principle no minimum or maximum quantity to place an order.

But we do charge a small fee for orders under 10 euros. We have a reason for this.
To keep costs as low as possible for you, we have made price agreements with carriers. These also give us a small "fine" if a package is sent under a certain weight.
In order not to let everyone pay for this type of small order, it seems better to us to handle this. You actually pay the actual shipping costs that we also have to settle with the carrier.

If an item is no longer in stock with us, you can count on it being back in stock. Note that this only applies to items that are still in production, of course.

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