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I have lost the manual for a Siku article, where can I find it?

These can be viewed and downloaded via our weblog.

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Is it also possible to place partial orders, or to reserve items?

Yes, there are several options to order in multiple times and have it all delivered in one go.

Are you a customer and do you already have an account?
Then we can add your account to the list of customers who can do this by default.
The condition is that as soon as you want to receive your package, that you do select the shipping costs as an option, then we know that it can be sent.

I have already ordered, but would like to add something.
That is also no problem, as long as it is not sent, items can be added.
Please note that iDeal is not possible as a payment method, only Bank transfer and PayPal are possible when adding items to a paid order.

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